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DateApr 13, 2020 - May 13, 2021
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Read the following instructions carefully.

  1. The questions are timed; make sure you finish up before the time is up.
  2. After selecting what you think is the correct answer for each objective question, tick the corresponding letter in the objective answer provided.
  3. Think carefully before you tick the answers. You can go back to any answer(s) you wish to change.
  4. Do not shade more than one letter for each question. If you do, that answer will be marked wrong.
  5. Answer the questions as quickly and as carefully as you can. If you cannot answer a question, do not spend too much time on it, move quickly to the next one.
  6. Answer all questions.
Section 1Passage 1
Lecture 1BuzoFree Preview

There was once a terrible famine in the land of animals. Food and money were scarce. Hunger made all the creatures very weak. The mother of  Buzo, the tortoise,fell ill and was at the point of death. Buzo became very worried because he had no money for her funeral ceremonies. He thought and thought but did not know what to do.

At last, he discovered a trick. He assembled all the animals and said to them, ‘I am going to a distant land in search of food for all of us who are hungry. Do not send for me unless something unusual happens’. The animals agreed. Three days later, Buzo’s mother died.  Death is not unusual and Buzo could not be sent for. Discovering a trick, the elephant advised, ‘Let us tell Buzo that the palm tree bears fruits at the end of its leaves’. This is unusual and should make him return quickly. The other animals welcomed the idea, thanked the elephant for the good advice and sent for Buzo. On hearing of palm trees bearing fruits at the end of the leaves, he hastened back. When he arrived, the animals said to him, ‘Your mother is dead; now arrange for her funeral according to our custom. You can’t deceive all the people all the time.’

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Section 2English Language 2
Lecture 2A hyenaFree Preview

A hyena once had the luck to come upon a dead ass. There was enough meat for three whole days. He quickly began eating and enjoying his unexpected meal. Then suddenly he saw his children coming. As he did not want to share the carcass with them, he said: ‘You see the village over there? If you‘re quick you’ll find plenty of asses there, just like this one.  Only run.’

The young hyenas rushed towards the village, shouting the good news

at the top  of their voices. As the tale travelled to all corners of the bush, starving animals, jackals ,cats, tiger-cats and all the smaller wild animals crept out and ran towards the village expecting a feast of asses’ meat.

The whole morning the hyena watched them go by in ones and twos until in the end he stopped eating and became worried. ‘Well”, he said to himself, “it looks as if it is true that the village is full of dead asses”.  Leaving the carcass he had had all to himself, he started off to join a band of other animals who were running towards the village but he was disappointed.

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Section 3English Language 3
Lecture 3The dust stormsFree Preview

When soil is misused and no grass is planted on it, it will soon be left bare or covered by few poor plants. In this state, it is especially likely to suffer from erosion – the removal of the soil by wind or water. Since there are no roots or creeping plants to hold it together and protect it  from the burning rays of the sun , it dries into powder as in level areas where few trees grow to break the force of the wind. The dust storms of Egypt and Sudan are an example of the way in which strong wind may blow the fine dust from the earth’s surface over  distances. If the sand of a desert is blown away, the farmer may not care very much, but if the top soil is blown away , the land is ruined. To break the force of the wind and turn it upwards from the surface soil, it is a good custom to grow wind breaks made of rows of trees.

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Section 4English Language 4
Lecture 4John lives in a villageFree Preview

John lives in a village with his wife and children. He is a popular farmer in the village. He is into different kinds of farming. He has a hut in the farm where they relax during their breakfast and lunch. They always have their dinner at home. They can also find themselves in the hut when it is raining, very sunny or even when they are tired.

His children always have their breakfast at home only on school days. When school closes, they all, after keeping school related things at home, make their way to the farm to join their parents. They always cover very long distances between their home and farm on foot. They do this without ever complaining. This is simply because they have good parents.  Even John’s elder children, who are now in higher schools in the city, come home  on  holidays to help in the farming.

John takes good care of his needs and those of his family members. This is possible because of what he gets from the farm. He pays the school fees of his children; buys uniform and books for them. Whatever the children need is always attended to with ease.

On Sundays, John and his family members go to church. They do not remember their farm activities on a day of worship. His family is a model for many families in the village.

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Section 5Nearest in meaning
Lecture 5
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Section 6Opposite in meaning
Lecture 6
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Section 7Fill in the gap
Lecture 7
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Section 8Verbal reasoning
Lecture 8
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Section 9Spelling
Lecture 9
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Section 10Social studies
Lecture 10
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Section 11Christian religious knowledge
Lecture 11
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